Facilitator Training

Why do the training? Training is necessary if, once you have completed an introductory basic course, you want to share the method with others  and/or if you want to use it as a supplement and support your work. The Introductory Workshop gives you the opportunity to use the method independently but only for yourself. To share it with others you must be authorized by SoulCollage Inc. through participation in the Facilitator Training.

Facilitator Training is open to anyone who practices SoulCollage® and has completed an Introductory Workshop.

 Who can participate?

The Training Course to become a SoulCollage® Facilitator is open to anyone who wishes to lead SoulCollage® groups, offer introductory workshops , themed workshops or individual lessons in SoulCollage®. In any context, this method offers self-discovery, the deepening of self-knowledge and creative expression.

SoulCollage® can be used in groups (for example in private or institutional educational situations; groups of women; hospice; children, the elderly... the list of possible applications is very long!) or as a  method that supports and enhances many other modalities.

The course is also open to those who  wish to experience the Training for personal benefit, or for use in a group situation.

Below you will find the required pre-requisites.

Why take Facilitator Training?

Here are some of the most popular reasons for taking Facilitator Training

Even those who don't consider themselves 'artists' are looking for an outlet for their creativity. In SoulCollage® you discover with pleasure that there is no right or wrong way to create your own cards; The process is simple, fun and profound. Anyone who is able to use glue and scissors can create beautiful and meaningful cards and enjoy the pleasure of sharing them with others.
Therapists, counsellors, nurses and other professionals in the field of wellness and health discover along with their clients/patients that this method offers a direct access to the emotions and  the unconscious that goes beyond words and concepts, and allows them to intuitively share experiences and emotions. The use of images helps to integrate this content and transform it organically.
Healers and those seeking healing, discover in SoulCollage® a deep and gentle method of emotional self-care that brings to the surface their inner ability to guide themselves through the power of images and reading their own cards.
Artists interested in opening their creative process to new dimensions discover that this method, suffused with spirituality, is easy to access and easy to share; which offers a widening of the 'creative threshold' full of surprising revelations; a greater understanding of oneself; and an acceptance of the rich play of light and shadow always present in our lives.
Chiunque dia valore alla partecipazione di gruppo e allo sviluppo del senso di comunità trova in questo metodo grande sostegno. Chi è interessato/a ad usare una forma di apprendimento basata sul rispetto e sull’appoggio reciproco, ma anche sulla responsabilità di ciascun individuo di prendersi cura di sé, troverà la filosofia di questo metodo particolarmente attraente.
Those who feel gratitude towards their families, their community, friends, teachers and others who have contributed to their growth, and who wish to reciprocate by offering opportunities for growth and inner well-being to others (children, the elderly, the sick, people who have suffered, exiles and refugees) find in SoulCollage® an ideal tool to make this 'exchange'.
Those who desire spiritual renewal and a creative way to access the ultimate purpose of their lives with more depth and wisdom find refuge and inspiration in SoulCollage®.

The training has enriched my mind and heart and has given me an awareness and professional maturity that I had never experienced with any other path I have practiced.

It was important for me professionally because it gave me the opportunity to understand the structure of a project, its methodology and its basic principles that are the important foundations for any creative project.

Erica Roncucci 

It was a wonderful journey that filled me, filled me. It introduced me to parts of myself that I had never noticed.

Bringing these aspects "to light" is a bit like looking in the mirror, for the first time whole.

I am honored and grateful for everything that SoulCollage® has given me. As deep as it was, I would go back to it again!

Giovanna Paola Petrelli

At a professional level, all the information on the method, the fields of application, the tools were very useful.

The reflections on ethics and principles have touched me deeply and I will preserve them with care.

I would like to thank you for your kindness, helpfulness and humanity in leading the group and attention to listen to each individual.

Giulia Visonà

What does the Training cover?


- How to facilitate the making of SoulCollage® cards in a way that promotes self-esteem, avoids competitiveness and self-criticism.

- How to create a 'therapeutic' environment that protects and encourages self-discovery without the Facilitator ever having to 'do therapy'.

- Ways to adapt the process to different individual issues and in different areas.

- Demonstration of the ceremonial use of SoulCollage® cards.

- Discussion on how to use the website, resources and areas reserved for Facilitators only, to support and encourage the growth of the SoulCollage® community
- Support in creating a plan to offer SoulCollage® workshops that suits your passions, intentions and skills.

- This method is powerful both spiritually and personally, so  discussions will include; ethical issues as well as pitfalls and challenges that may arise when working with both individuals and groups.

To learn together how to share and use this method. The participants in the Training will use their own cards and experiences. Everyone becomes an example for others in a non-competitive, confidential and respectful atmosphere.

We also learn through sharing. Training is a teaching laboratory.

We will learn together how to do "consultations", using our intuition to deepen our knowledge of ourselves and guide others to do the same. You will discover new applications and ways to use the method and receive inspiration on how to adapt it to different groups and themes.

The benefits of attending Facilitator Training


Those who complete the Training receive a certificate of completion and are authorized to use the SoulCollage® trademark in individual or group work, provided that they apply this method according to the "SoulCollage® Principles". Please read them thoroughly and familiarize yourself with them.

In addition, you can access:

- the "World of SoulCollage®" Community and the possibility of exchanging experiences with the international community of Facilitators

-  the archives for Facilitators.(in English and Italian) It is a cornucopia of materials!

- to the monthly email for Facilitators (Neter Letter).

- participation in private Facebook groups

- the opportunity to advertise programs on the Facebook page for Facilitators

Essential pre-requisites for Training

Introductory Workshop

To participate you must have completed an Introductory Workshop with a certified facilitator.

Important: An Introductory Workshop is a complete course, which includes all the aspects outlined in the Principles, not a simple SoulCollage® experience.

Have a deck of at least 14 cards

Your cards (minimum 14) must be divided into suits and be voiced. You will need to have your cards ready for use from the first session of the Training.

SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena Frost

You should have read in its entirety Seena Frost's book: SoulCollage® Evolving.

CD: Introduction to SoulCollage®

You should have listened to Seena Frost's downloadable CD: Introduction to SoulCollage®.

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