SoulCollage® Facilitator Training Retreat Intensive March 23-30, 2024

ONLINE COURSE - TrainerS: mariabruna sirabella and BETH MARCIL

$ 900.00 - New Facilitators
$ 800.00 - Early Bird if you register before 1/23/24
$ 600.00 - Refresher for existing Facilitators

The SoulCollage® Facilitator Training has always been a rich, intense, and rewarding experience. If we were to meet in-person, I would greet you at the door of a quiet retreat center where we would spend 4 nights.
The days would be intense full-immersion-learning-experiencing, and the evenings would be playtime. But there would be no recordings to review to integrate and elaborate the experience more thoroughly.
The Training Program is a very articulated journey filled with information and
activities. The content remains the same, but it can be delivered in various formats, in person or online. What I have learned, is that to spend 4 full days on zoom is quite exhausting and not conducive to learning.

So, this concentrated Training will be online, and instead of 4 days it will be 8 half-days commitment with the added benefit of an optional playtime starting two hours after the end of each compulsory session. It will save you travel time, and of course the expense of travel and accommodations. It is ideal for anyone who prefers to learn the material in a tight packaged way.

So, for this online Training I invite you to think "Spring Break RETREAT". You will comfortably sleep in your own bed and will travel only with mind and soul. Imagine a week of uninterrupted intimacy with your SoulCollage® cards
shared with a community of soulful creatives! I highly recommend taking time off work and imagine your home
transformed into a retreat center to give yourself the gift of a full immersion.

My experience tells me you will be glad you did take care of yourself in this way. The morning sessions of lectures and card activities must be attended in full. After a leisurely 2-hour lunch break, you have the option to gather again on the same zoom link to make cards together, converse, and ask questions if you are so inclined. I didn't believe it at first, but it is actually very enjoyable to create together online.

This will give you time to learn, play, and integrate the experience without feeling rushed, and to complete the Training in a relatively short time. In the past, some participants who lived in a busy household chose to go to
a cabin or a small hotel to enjoy privacy without distractions. Some chose a place in nature to give themselves the option to enjoy the greenery during
breaks and support their own learning process.
If your time doesn't allow the full immersion and you cannot attend the optional card-making time, you will still be able to complete the Training in 8 days by attending all the compulsory morning sessions and completing the

To fulfill the prerequisites if of paramount importance that I cannot stress enough. It is even more relevant when the Modules follow one another day after day. Please take your time to do so, start now. Your co-trainees and you will be grateful. It makes a huge difference to come prepared. The
Training is not a review of the method, it is designed to prepare you to facilitate it: you must have enough practice to fully benefit from attending.

You will also have access to the Training Materials ahead of time. I recommend you access them as soon as you receive the invitation to join the Learning Page dedicated to this Training. You will also have a chance to communicate directly with Beth and I in the messaging feature of World of SoulCollage® in case you have any questions about the materials.

Fulfilling the prerequisites and reading the materials ahead of time will allow you to be relaxed and ready while attending the Modules, enjoy sharing the activities with your partners, and ask more pointed deepening questions.
If you think this learning modality fits your style and your schedule, we lookforward to seeing you at the “SoulCollage® Spring-Break Facilitator Training

Mariabruna and Beth

Essential pre-requisites

Introductory Workshop

To participate you must have completed an Introductory Workshop with a certified facilitator.

Important: An Introductory Workshop is a complete course, which includes all the aspects outlined in the Principles, not a simple SoulCollage® experience.

Have a deck of at least 14 cards

Your cards (minimum 14) must be divided into suits and be voiced. You will need to have your cards ready for use from the first session of the Training.

SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena Frost

You should have read in its entirety Seena Frost's book: SoulCollage® Evolving.

CD: Introduction to SoulCollage®

You should have listened to Seena Frost's downloadable CD: Introduction to SoulCollage®.

Session Calendar - online ZOOM

In order to obtain the certificate, it is mandatory to be present online at all meetings and participate in all activities.

In addition, the "homework" must be done on time. Please do not register if you cannot attend ALL 8 sessions in their entirety.

SESSIONS ARE: MARCH 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29,30 
SESSION TIMES ARE: 8:30 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. HST (GMT - 10:00) This is Hawai'i time 


Some Scholarships are available

SoulCollage® Inc. does offer some scholarships for Facilitator Training. 

Steps to Register

Register and Pay for Training

To register and pay for Training you must go through the World of SoulCollage® site on The Mighty Networks Platform.



How will I pay for my Training?

You will pay for the Training online using PayPal or a credit card.

Is there an Early Bird rate?

An early bird rate is available until January 23, 2024. Details are on the World of SoulCollage® page. Just use the link above to get there.

Can I miss a session or sign on late?

Unfortunately not, in order for the training to be recognized and to obtain the certificate of participation it is necessary to attend all the lessons with the camera on. You must be on time. 

Are there recordings of the sessions?

Yes, they will be available for 30 days.

I haven't yet finished my Introductory Workshop. Can I still enroll?

It depends, if your basic course ends in a reasonable time, so as to give you time before the training to do the right practice, you can consider participating. In any case, if you are still doing an introductory basic course and wish to participate in the Training, contact to evaluate together what to do. Practice is essential to be able to keep up with the Training which requires having already integrated the basics of the method. It is also important to keep the learning rhythm of the group moving together.

What is included in an Introductory Workshop in order for it to be considered complete?

The introductory basic course can only be offered by licensed facilitators. Attention: to access the training is not enough a simple experience of SoulColllage® (eg I make a card and let it speak). These are the contents that must be present in each introductory basic course:

- The principles of SoulCollage®

- The 4 Suits (Committee - Council - Community - Companion)

- Local Story and Larger Story

- Make cards and give them voice with the exercise "I am the one who...".

Key concepts:

1. One and Many; 2. "Both/And" 3. Each card carries a unique energy; 4. The card speaks in the first person; 5. Source, Witness, SoulEssence; 6. Guided meditation to meet the Companions. 7. Card Consultation

How much time should pass between the Introductory Workshop and the Training?

There is no standard time, but we highly recommend having plenty of time between the Introductory Workshop and the Training to get in a lot of practice making cards and working with them.

Where can I buy the materials I need for the pre-requisites?

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