Workshops in The School of Origins 

The School of the Origins (SOTO) offers experiential workshops open to all. thematic workshops as well as gatherings called "Drums of Light" for the celebration of Equinoxes and Solstices. These workshops allow you to learn about Soto's approach, the basic themes that underpin its vision, as well as to keep the practice alive, strengthening the connection with the Intelligences of Nature and expanding your creativity.

Thematic Workshops

WHAT ARE THEY? They are experiential workshops of an hour and a half dedicated to fundamental themes of spirituality  according to the vision of SOTO. For example: Awaken Your Intuition  - The Wheel of Life - The Four Dimensions of Being - The Axis Mundi... and many more.

WHAT HAPPENS? Like all SOTO experiences, they are gatherings comprised of reflection, creative practices, imagination, and drum journeying.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? They are a way to get to know SOTO and its fundamentals, to enter the SOTO path in small steps, or to keep your practice active and vital if you are on the path. Practice and experience are key.

HOW DO THEY WORK? They are online meetings, which you can attend live, or in some cases you can purchase the recording. Upcoming workshops can be found below.


Cultivating intuition is one of the focal points of SOTO's practices, which considers the collaboration between the right and left hemispheres of the brain an essential factor for personal and collective evolution and for the development of a deep and authentic spirituality, without prejudices or dogmas.


SOTO understands the universal symbol of the Wheel of Life to also wear the mantle of the 4 Elements and Intelligences of Nature. The Wheel of Life invites you to reflect on the cyclical quality of emotions, experiences and learnings, in the light of the energies of nature that move within us.


The 4 "dimensions of being" - the ABSTRACT dimension of the psyche, the TANGIBLE concrete reality of the physical world, the ANIMATED realm of energy and vibrations, and the NUMINOUS domain of the soul and archetypes, help us navigate our experience of life in the world because they are natural reference points for our consciousness.


The heart of personal Axis Mundi is the invitation to recognize and remember the importance of communication between the Great Below and the Great Above. In this workshop we will explore its meaning and some techniques to cultivate firmness and clarity within the channel of our own personal Axis Mundi.

Drums of Light for the celebration of Equinoxes and Solstices

WHAT ARE THEY? They are 2.5 hours experiential  workshops dedicated to the celebration of Solstices and Equinoxes, in alignment with the energies of the Wheel of the Year.

WHAT HAPPENS? Like all SOTO experiences, they are gatherings comprised of reflection, creative practices, imagination and drum journeying.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? You will feel more aligned with your natural cycles and with your essence. You will better understand how nature moves within you and how you can follow the natural flow of events. You will practice letting go of that which does not serve and welcoming what is best for you. As always your intuition will be your guide.

HOW DO THEY WORK? They are online meetings, which you can attend live and/or recorded. Recordings remain permanently available to those who purchase the course.

Celebrating the Wheel of the Year with its changes between Light and Darkness is one of SOTO's most customary events. Solstices and Equinoxes are particularly important moments at the energetic level. They help us to explore the relationship between light and darkness within us, our balances and what we can do to maintain them or to change them when needed. They help us identify what is good to let go, and what can be sown and cultivated. Aligning with the energies of the year and its cycles allows us to find our center and stability, as well as deep connection with Nature, inside of us and outside of us.

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