Where the wisdom of nature awakens your original mind and takes you home.

SOTO - The School of Origins, online and in person, offers you a spiritual path and a philosophy to live according to your deepest nature. Seeking the wisdom of the "original mind" you discover that nature is your teacher, and that it helps you to develop your own unique and original vision.

SOTO is a path of self-discovery and personal development guided by the wisdom of Nature

The school was born from the syncretism of different traditions and philosophies; was started by Mariabruna Sirabella in 2014, and is the synthesis of the spiritual journey of a lifetime.

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Between mysticism, science, philosophy and spirituality

The path of SOTO does not impose a series of "truths" from the outside, nor does it claim to direct creativity and experience, but offers to those who are open to receiving them, tools and methods to experience firsthand connection with the intelligences of nature and the invisible realm of archetypes and spirit.

An experiential journey to return home 

SOTO proposes a personal and experiential journey that allows us to: 

- awaken to the wisdom of Nature and its archetypal forces, visible and invisible;

- transform the taught perception of separation that we often feel into a new feeling of communion and reverence;

- decolonize the mind and rediscover our true wisdom; with the hope of contributing to the emergence of a new myth that accompanies humanity towards a sustainable future, based on collaboration, the realization of each person's potential, and wise and compassionate justice.

The 4 Pillars of SOTO

Rational Intelligence

We use linear thinking to observe nature, reflect on our experiences, and appreciate the discoveries of science, to develop critical skills and apply them appropriately when and where it is the ideal tool.


The use of creativity allows us to deepen what we learn and experience. It opens the door of the imagination and intuition so that we can refine our perception and integrate every discovery


The collaboration between the two hemispheres of the brain brings balance to the ability to discover and access altered states of consciousness, the archetypal and spiritual dimensions of human experience


The exquisitely personal discovery of how intuition, information and wisdom are received organically and without force.

This natural birthright can be cultivated and developed

The Path of the School of the Origins

For those who want to embark of a true path of change, SOTO offers a series of short thematic courses open to all and a structured path dedicated to the 4 elements. In addition, each month we meet for a sacred time of listening, prayer, recollection, and mutual support accompanied by the voice of the Drum.


Thematic Masterclasses

Online course

Meet the 4 Elements

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