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SOTO and SoulCollage®

English Courses

Per i corsi in italiano scorri verso il basso.

Drums of the heart - Journey with the four Intelligences of the Earth Element

Immersive course - english course

Earth invites you to embrace life without reservations in harmony with the environment and with others. Earth speaks about healing, clarity, and discernment, it teaches about boundaries.

Sacred Time ~ Sacred Calendar 
Annual Winter Solstice Retreat 2023

WINTER RETREAT  - english course

Honoring Sacred Time has several important implications for societies, cultures, and communities. It also has a profound beneficial impact on the individual, and this is the focus of our Annual Winter Solstice Retreat for 2023.

The hope and intent are to expand how we perceive and engage with time itself and foster a deeper connection with the rhythm of our life and its spiritual roots, and renew our alignment with nature and the broader cosmos.

BodΨnvocations© | 16 ‘Guided Visualizations In Motion’ 

downloadable product - english version

16 guided visualizations in motion, inspired by the Four Elements and by the universal cycles of being.

BodΨnvocations© are 16 ‘guided visualizations in motion’ inspired by the Four Elements and by the universal cycles of being. They are accessible to everyone. Each speaks of our human experience and pulses with the heart of Nature, encouraging us to deep self-listening and to live the holy dance of life with more joy. 


SOTO e SoulCollage®

Corsi in italiano

Cd Introduttivo al SoulCollage® - Italiano

Prodotto scaricabile - versione italiana 

Disponibile in Formato Audio mp3 scaricabile direttamente sul tuo PC (File digitale) dopo l'acquisto.

La madre di questo metodo affascinante, Seena Frost, ci guida in un'introduzione e in una visualizzazione guidata per aiutarci ad identificare gli alleati appartenenti al seme dei Compagni - Traduzione e voce di Mariabruna Sirabella.

E-Book SoulCollage®: Immagini dal profondo dell'Anima - Seena Frost 

Prodotto scaricabile - versione italiana

Estratto pdf in italiano del libro di Seena Frost "SoulCollage® Evolving".

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