Drums of the Heart

Journey with the four Intelligences of the Earth Element

Earth invites you to embrace life without reservations in harmony with the environment and with others. Earth speaks about healing, clarity, and discernment, it teaches about boundaries.

This course is an in-depth 12-week online adventure to meet and dialog with the 4 Intelligences of Earth:

- Ebì - the wisdom of the desert

- Efè - the wisdom of the ecosystem

- Elù - the wisdom of flowers and herbs

- Edà - the wisdom of liminal spaces

Through a blend of lectures, guided visualizations, reflective journaling, group sharing, and drum-journeys, you are invited to develop your own personal connection with the unique qualities of this Element. Each meeting is 2 hours in length. Sessions will be recorded and available as soon as possible after the session.

Sept. 13, 20, 27; Oct. 4, 12, 19, 26; Nov. 2, 15, 22, 29; Dec. 6

8:00 - 10:15 a.m. PDT

11:00 a.m.- 1:15 p.m. EST

5:00 - 7:15 p.m. CEST

Earth inspires you to live every day with presence, connectedness, and awareness. By integrating its teachings, you become more aware of the many layers of your human reality.

Drawing inspiration principally from the archetypal realm rather than through psychological perspectives, you can discover the role these Intelligences of nature play in your life and what gifts of knowledge and inspiration they have for you.

The intelligences of Earth will meet you through the practices of drumming, sounding, imagination, creativity, and intuition with the intent of harmonizing and deepening your sense of interconnectedness with your environment and other beings (people, plants, and animals).

The purpose of these practices is to revitalize our inner sacred space, and to meet the Invisible Messengers of the "Spiritual Tribe" that accompany us. They may appear in many forms including: animal and human, whether in anthropomorphic or ancestral form.

The use of the drum and other practices are based on indigenous teachings and Mariabruna’s personal experiences of the forces of nature.  They are influenced by a "Paleolithic" and shamanic world view based on the intimate interconnection with the sacred rhythms of creation. These techniques will help you receive the gifts of the archetypal, collective, spiritual, and transpersonal dimensions. These gifts await your availability to manifest themselves in the world.


You must have attended SOTO’s basic course on the 4 Elements or Drums of Fire to participate in this program. 

If you attended this program before, please contact elf4mb@gmail.com to register with a special discount.

In preparation

In preparation for moving into the heart of the Earth Element, I recommend watching this video.  

With Earth’s support you may nurture a heightened sense of groundedness, enhanced intuition, increased self-awareness, and a profound appreciation for your place within the web of life. Earth's Intelligences encourage you to a more authentic way of being, sustainable relationships, and to contribute to community and the world in alignment with your nature.

For this online immersion in Earth, please have with you:

A journal, notebook, or writing pad. Some prefer to have two notebooks. One for notes, and one to record their journeys.
Your drum (handheld) or rattle (both are optional)
A scarf or other soft cloth to cover your eyes when journeying.
Your favorite art materials
Images to cut and collage: of deserts, anything in the ecosystem - plants and animals, forests, trees, meadows, and herbs - and anything that reminds you of "boundaries", like fences, walls, any kind of creative demarcation of space...)
A comfortable space for journeying and guided visualizations: a shawl/blanket or a pillow and even a yoga mat, anything to be more comfortable during the relaxation.

A path of self-healing and expansion of consciousness

SOTO’s practices are a path of self-healing and expansion of consciousness. They are a bridge between the visible world of our ordinary reality and the invisible world of the spirit, inviting us to the inner Sanctuary where we can find our "music" and hear the "call" to share our “medicine” with the world.

Course fee is: US$450

If you have taken this course in person, please contact Rivkah at: elf4mb@gmail.com for your discount.

Please send payment through:

PayPal @ sirarte.com@gmail.com (copy and paste the email address for accuracy) and specify: Heart 2023
In USA: Venmo @Mariabruna and specify: Heart 2023
In USA: Zelle @ mbs@mariabruna.com and specify: Heart 2023

©Mariabruna Sirabella. All Rights Reserved

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