Annual Winter Solstice Retreat 2024

Santa Sabina Retreat Center, San Rafael, CA
December 5 – 8, 2024 (starts on the 5th at 4pm – ends the 8th after lunch: 1pm)
Address: 25 Magnolia Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901, Tel: (415)457-7727 (please do not contact the venue for info about the Retreat or for room assignments, thank you).

Please sign up early, space is limited.
Registration on site starts on December 5th at 3pm

Initiations are an integral part of life, they impact our journey towards individuation, illuminate the meaning of life events, and facilitate access to our personal gifts and power.

Initiations are usually understood as a ceremonial or ritual process that both recognizes achievements and grants access to a next level of access to knowledge and experience. They are a transition, and mark significant passages from one stage of life to another opening the doors to a new understanding of self, community, or spiritual reality.

Such formalized rites can be deeply meaningful, representing a departure from the familiar and a journey into the unknown, quickening personal growth, and connecting individuals to their cultural heritage, spiritual traditions, and personal philosphy.

You might or might not have experienced formal initiations. Regardless, I invite you to reflect on how life itself presents us with a myriad of experiences that, if received and integrated in this light, are indeed true initiations that shape and transform us in profound ways.

The import and significance of these vivid moments often differ from person to person. You and I might have had the same experience, but its meaning and impact on our respective lives could have been quite dissimilar. For example, without diminishing its importance, giving birth could have been an initiation or not and the same could be true for a loss, a promotion, an illness, the encounter with an influential person, an experience in nature, and so on. Not every interesting and meaningful life event is an initiation, but several, even some that we might have overlooked from this perspective, can be so. It is a uniquely personal perception and understanding, above and beyond the formal initiations one may have received. 

Revisiting these jewels guided by one’s intuition and in the light of what initiatory experiences are about can provide welcome and profound inner realignments and a strengthening of the ground of being.

Ultimately, life’s initiations evoke profound emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth. They compel us to confront deepest fears and joys, embrace who we are and our purpose and connection to life.

I expect that we will learn a lot from each other during this Retreat. 

My experience of reclaiming my “I am Initiated” inner part by making and dialoguing with my SoulCollage® card has been reassuring, expanding, grounding, liberating, and empowering. It is a card I return to often, to harvest from the seeds that both formal rituals and life events have planted in me. In doing so I reawaken them and they continue to nourish and transform me from within. 

I hope to transmit how we can benefit from the awareness of initiations:

~ Reclaim spiritual and energetic agency
~ Personal Healing
~ Transformation of memories and the impact of events
~ Expanded sense of wholeness
~ Connection to inner and outer spiritual dimensions
~ Recognize the significance of the steps of your life's journey.

By reclaiming our initiatory experiences, we can reach into a deeper sense of wholeness, authenticity, and fulfillment, empowering us to live with greater intention, grace, and impact.

As usual, we will engage in reflections, explorations, and sharing through movement, silence, drumming, and creative SoulCollage®, and we will conclude with a ceremony.

The activities are designed to provide an immersive experience to deepen our connection to ourselves, a few specific supporting archetypes, and the experience of initiation in its various facets.

The energy of the Winter Solstice will be looming on the horizon to support our intention of crossing into the new annual cycle of seasons with an expanded awareness of who we are.

Retreat Fees

Once you send your payment, please fill up this form promptly

Retreat Fees – your fees include all meals (Thursday dinner-Sunday lunch, 3 nights’ accommodation, supplies and tuition)

Tuition: $425

Single room: $675.00 (Total: $1100.00 - FOR SINGLE PAYMENT - DISCOUNT $25.00: $1075.00)

Shared room: $585.00 (Total: $1010.00 - FOR SINGLE PAYMENT DISCOUNT $25.00: $985.00)

Commuter: $495.00 (Total: $920.00 - FOR SINGLE PAYMENT - DISCOUNT $25.00: $895.00)

- There is a $25.00 discount for full payment at one time

- If it helps you, you can pay the fee in two times: you may send a 50% deposit and send the balance by November 1st

Your deposit secures your space at the retreat.  Thank you.


-You can pay by Credit Card/Paypal directly on the site. Use the botton below (section: FULL PAYMENT AT ONE TIME)

or if you prefer you can use

- Venmo @ Mariabruna - please write your NAME and Santa Sabina 24

- Zelle @ - please write your NAME and Santa Sabina 24


You can pay by Credit Card/Paypal directly on the site. Use the botton below (section: PAYMENT IN TWO TIMES)

or if you prefer you can use

- Venmo @ Mariabruna - please write your NAME and Santa Sabina 24

- Zelle @ - please write your NAME and Santa Sabina 24


SINGLE ROOM - $ 1075.00
SHARED ROOM - $ 985.00
COMMUTER - $ 895.00


    You may send a 50% deposit and send the balance by November 1st

SINGLE ROOM - $ 1100.00 ($550.00 + $550.00) 
SHARED ROOM - $ 1010.00 ($505.00 + $505.00) 
COMMUTER - $ 920.00 ($460.00 + $460.00)

Cancellation policy

Please read carefully!

If you cancel before Nov. 1, 2024 you will receive a full refund minus a $95.00 processing fee. If you cancel after Nov. 1 and there is no one to take your place, you will not receive a refund. We will maintain a waitlist for the event from which a replacement may be found. 

For this reatreat, please have with you:

A journal, notebook, or writing pad. Some prefer to have two notebooks. One for notes, and one to record their journeys.
Your drum (handheld) or rattle (both are optional)
A scarf or other soft cloth to cover your eyes when journeying.
Your favorite art materials
Images to cut and collage
A comfortable space for journeying and guided visualizations: a shawl/blanket or a pillow and even a yoga mat, anything to be more comfortable during the relaxation.

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