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Annual Winter Solstice Retreat 2023

Santa Sabina Retreat Center, San Rafael, CA
December 7 – 10, 2023 (7th at 4pm – 10th after lunch: 1pm)
Address: 25 Magnolia Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901, Tel: (415)457-7727

The idea of Sacred Time is significant in various religious, spiritual, and cultural traditions around the world. It refers to moments in time that are special and holy and must be distinguished from ordinary time because they demand a different attitude and follow a different rhythm. It is usually associated with specific events, rituals, or cosmological beliefs that hold deep significance for the adherents of a particular tradition.

But the original roots of Sacred Time are steeped in the rhythms of nature, the seasonal rotations, cosmic cycles, and portentous astronomical events.

In urbanized societies, being disassociated from a particular tradition, many have lost the rhythm and are prey of the mundane cadence of a work calendar, sports, and cyclical programs on television. Or have lost the actual meaning of the religious calendar they follow automatically.

Whether this is fully or in part your case, to create or revisit a personal sacred calendar is a holy practice that reorganizes our sense of time in obvious and subtle ways.

Time has become a precious commodity in ways that our ancestors couldn’t even fathom, but while becoming so it has paradoxically lost its sanctity.

Honoring Sacred Time has several important implications for societies, cultures, and communities. It also has a profound beneficial impact on the individual, and this is the focus of our Annual Winter Solstice Retreat for 2023.

The hope and intent are to expand how we perceive and engage with time itself and foster a deeper connection with the rhythm of our life and its spiritual roots, and renew our alignment with nature and the broader cosmos.

We will explore the moments honored by most traditions and create or revive a personal Sacred Time calendar aligned with our spiritual, cultural, and personal values. 

Doing so supports:

· Mindful Living filled with sacred pauses

· Personal Spiritual Development

· Balancing Life Priorities

· emotional well-being

· Nurturing the commitment to personal spiritual values

· The possibility of sharing these moments with others

The benefits are many, I am myself continuously discovering new nuances, but here is a little list of what I experience:

I feel reconnected with Nature's Wisdom

I deepen my Spiritual Awareness

I nourish my Soul's Longings for ritual rhythms

I regain perspective on the worldly demands of my life

I feel renewed and reassured

I pause

As usual, we will engage in reflections, explorations, and sharing through movement, silence, drumming, and creative SoulCollage®.

The activities are designed to provide an immersive experience to deepen our connection to ourselves, Sacred Time, and Natural Cycles and develop a personal sacred calendar.

The energy of the Winter Solstice already looming on the horizon will support our intention of honoring Sacred Time in 2024.

Retreat Fees

Retreat Fees – your fees include all meals (Thursday dinner-Sunday lunch, 3 nights’ accommodation, supplies and tuition)

Tuition: $400

Single room: $600.00 (Total: $1000.00)

Shared room: $525.00 (Total: $925.00)

Commuter: $450.00 (Total: $850.00))

You may send a 50% deposit and send the balance by November 1st. 

Your deposit secures your space at the retreat.  Thank you.


PayPal @ – please write your NAME and Santa Sabina 23

Venmo @ Mariabruna - please write your NAME and Santa Sabina 23

Zelle @ - please write your NAME and Santa Sabina 23

Cancellation policy

Please read carefully!

If you cancel before Nov. 1, 2023 you will receive a full refund minus a $95.00 processing fee. If you cancel after Nov. 1 and there is no one to take your place, you will not receive a refund. We will maintain a waitlist for the event from which a replacement may be found. For any questions contact Rivkah:

For this reatreat, please have with you:

A journal, notebook, or writing pad. Some prefer to have two notebooks. One for notes, and one to record their journeys.
Your drum (handheld) or rattle (both are optional)
A scarf or other soft cloth to cover your eyes when journeying.
Your favorite art materials
Images to cut and collage
A comfortable space for journeying and guided visualizations: a shawl/blanket or a pillow and even a yoga mat, anything to be more comfortable during the relaxation.

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